Resume of Aston P. Francis

Tampa, FL 33610


Demonstrated advanced skills in Architecture of computer hardware & software, Automation, Process Improvements, Analysis, Design, Coding and Systems Integration. Programming languages: VB 6, VBA, VBScript, C#,, ASP, JavaScript, C++, PowerShell. Experience in SQL Server, MS Excel, MS Access, PowerPoint, ETL, IoT, SDLC, Extreme Programming, Agile, SCRUM, data modeling, BI, developed several products, applications and did extensive coding in Telecommunications, Health Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Power Generation.


6/04 – present Owner & Solutions Architect - Naresh Systems, Inc.              Lithia FL

Developing advanced barcode verification systems to prevent mislabeling in the packaging process for many industries. Currently programming in C#, C++, HTML, VBA, Atmel Studio 6, Visual Studio 2013 & 2017, .Net and JavaScript. Developed firmware, IoT, automated email and desktop application (iMatchCode Lite/Pro™) for Win 7, 8 & 10 OS.

9/17 - 9/18 Physical Security Engineer - RMS Computer (contr at Citigroup)     Tampa FL

  • Proposed Lean Architecture for BMS with potential saving of about $4M. Extrapolation of this Design Philosophy across the company is potentially worth several $Ms more, in savings to Citigroup with improved profitability, reliability, efficiency and maintainability.
  • Analyzed and modeled an Ideal BMS to normalize design, enhance efficiency, speed up deployment, reduce cost and maintainability.
  • Vendor evaluation of Building Management Systems (BMS), Industrial Control Systems, for data centers and deployment of thousands of systems globally.
  • Systems Integration, wrote PowerShell scripts, T-SQL triggers for Notifications, SMS, email, phone. Setup SMTP servers.
  • Managed certification process for BMS with emphasis on compliance & security. Created Engineering Test Plan.
  • Created/Maintained/Updated several technical documents including Installation Manuals, Business Requirements, Functional Requirements.
  • Worked with Win Server 2012R2, 2016, SQL Server 2014 & 2016, BACnet, Siemens Desigo, Schneider Electric, Wonderware, Automation.
  • Identified threat scenarios and proposed new Trust Model for the company which would protect it from certain Attack Vectors, globally.
  • Setup Lab Virtual Machines, VMware vSphere ESXi 6.5, ran BACnet/HMI simulations.

7/15 - 3/17 Sr. Software Eng/Consultant – Oxford Global (contr at eMagin Corp)   Hopewell Junction, NY

  • Proposed & developed radically new micro display Test Station (VGA, WUXGA, SXGA, DSVGA) using: Raspberry Pi, TCP socket, servo & Python which vastly improved the reliability, process, physical setup and cost.
  • Extensive re-factoring, developed, upgraded VB.Net GUI automation code in VS 2010/2013/2015 for several Test Stations. Com port coding on Win XP, 7 & 10
  • Developed utility, analysis in VBA, MS Excel 2010/2013, Access back-end
  • Analyzed hardware & software issues and made proposals for several improvements, 1000% life expectancy for test fixtures.
  • Chromaticity analysis, CIEs, plot graphs troubleshoot and deduce causes
  • Automate/code Photo Research & Ocean Optics spectrometers

4/12 - 4/13 Sr. Software Engineer – MTS Medication Technologies.       St. Petersburg FL

  • Analyzed, architected, invented and proposed advanced system redesign/enhancements for feederbase and RFID which reduces time to manufacture, cost, space, improve reliability and MTBF.
  • Developed reports in VB 6 for Medical Adherence machines.
  • Created integrated Oracle database backup utility
  • Handled NDCs, prescription data, machine controls
  • Developed automated Omron Temperature Controller utility in VB 6
  • Wrote code in C++ for Atmel AVR embedded microcontroller sub-system
  • Scripting for Oracle database
  • Reverse engineered several systems

10/11 - 2/12 Sr. App Developer Cook Systems Int’l Inc. (contracted at FEDEX) Lakeland FL

Developed VB 6 code, documented test procedures, working independently and as a project contributor.
  • Wrote code for high performance front-end GUI screens that interfaced with existing back-end services. Object Oriented coding.
  • Improved existing systems and performed product customizations.
  • Troubleshooted and ensured timely and effective resolutions of project issues.
  • Developed and documented appropriate tests for various components.

8/06 – 5/10 Consultant - Veredus Corp (contracted at HealthPlan Services)  Tampa FL

Proposed architected and carried out extensive automation, development & enhancements to Docucorp, FRED & intranet websites resulting in Orders of Magnitude of improvements (10x, 100x, 1000x, etc.). Prevented many costly human errors. Analyzed and proposed to the senior management: companywide Automation, 10 times improvements for onboarding customers and incidences.

  • Automated complex Docucorp AM & PM production with extensive audit trails and Built IIS websites with ASP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Greatly improved efficiencies.
  • Extensive maintenance and development with VB6, VBA, VBScript and Win Batch code for Word/Excel/Access/SQL Server 2000 and Win 2000/2003 Server platforms.
  • Data modeling and requirements gathering for several projects and applications.
  • Wrote stored procedures/trigger/ built tables, scripts, file system, ftp, zip, developed apps to purge servers. Created several automated email reports.
  • Developed automated EDelivery VB 6 desktop app to ftp PDF docs, audit trail/logs for Humana.
  • Automated ACORDE reporting with Win Batch diagnostics utility.
  • Greatly sped up FRED Notes and reduced file size about 10x
  • Automated Outlook email extraction of customer reports and trigger processes.
  • Created custom Excel Utility applications with VBA: AVMA file conversion & ftp, Humana Set Status.
  • Created Access 2000 application (VBA), FRED Purge, to purge 1,000s of Word documents with automated email report & self-cleanup utility.
  • Analyzed and proposed a fully automated, mission critical & integrated ftp system with extensive audit trails, email reporting & end-end checks.
  • Analyzed and proposed vast improvements ( > 7,000%) for data extraction from the mainframe for Humana, their largest customer.
  • Analyzed and proposed vast improvements for the existing FRED application: mission critical, integrated, extensive audit trails, email reporting, automated analysis, 10x speed enhancements & end-end checks.
  • Redesigned & coded complex Group Case Summary Word doc for AG, providing vast improvements in runtime > 800%, file size reduced > 900% compared with previous. Currently able to run very complex cases. Vastly improved maintainability and flexibility; increased 20 classes to unlimited.
  • Extensive documentation: High Level Design, Detailed Design and User Manuals.
  • Developed Test Plans for several applications, modifications & updates.
  • Provided Production Support for all applications.
  • Business Intelligence: created several Excel/HTML Reports for the senior management.

2/06 – 8/06 Consultant - Princeton Information (contracted at Syniverse)  Tampa FL

  • Maintained, redesigned and automated MS Access databases for reports, 1100% improvement.
  • Automated Excel report generation with complex pivot tables,reduced runtime (1 hr to 10 sec).
  • Automated Outlook email extraction of customer data. Greatly improved efficiencies.
  • Extensive VBA & SQL coding.
  • Parsed Excel data for import into MySQL application.

6/05 – 1/06 Contractor for Graphical Controls, Inc.    Brandon FL

  • Developed MS Access reports for WW/MMI - Dunedin County Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Developed Alarm Report and Tag Search Utility projects at Teco using IndustrialSQL 7.0, MS Access and interfacing with Wonderware (InTouch).
  • Wrote VB Scripts, T-SQL, built views, tables, SQL and DTS packages.
  • Developed front-end in Access 2002 using SQL, VBA, forms, reports and ADO.

3/05- 09/05 Consultant - Veredus Corp. (contracted at CBSI)    Tampa FL

  • Developed scripts for Billing project, report retrieval forms in VBA for integration into Great Plains
  • Maintained IIS ASP scripts, wrote SQL, DTS package
  • FTP automation for uploading billing file to mainframe
  • Built tables in SQL 2000 for customer’s demo website.

11/03 – 3/04 Programmer - Image Techn. Resources Inc. (Contracted at NKS)     Tampa FL

  • Developed VBA code for MS Word 2000 reports, ODBC to Lotus Notes Domino

9/01 – 3/03 Consulting Eng - Graphical Controls, Inc. (contracted at Teco)   Brandon FL

  • Conceptualized, designed, coded and prototyped (VB 6) Turbine Information Center (touch screen industrial computer, Win 2000, Trend, Modbus & serial interface) for Bently Nevada TSI systems.
  • Project management, design and documentation for TSI installations, generators (180 - 490) MW.
  • Maintained mission-critical MMI, Turbine Supervisory Instrument (TSI) at Teco.
  • Developed Excel Report with graphs (VBA code) for probe linearity & verification reports.
  • Used ODBC to extract Excel reports and trend graphs from Intellution MMI.
  • Developed & conducted TSI training using PowerPoint.
  • Developed MMI apps in iFix, Fix32, InTouch, Created AutoCAD drawings
  • Installed many applications on various networked PCs & servers.
  • Installed IndustrialSQL on dual hot standby mission-critical servers for FGD plant.
  • Redesigned LAN, configure switches, Nics & fiber converters, AlliedTelesyn, 3Com.

6/00 – 9/00 Programmer - Romac (Contracted at Florida Power)      Tampa FL

  • Maintained and expanded Visual Basic Waste Management VB 6 desktop program
  • Wrote code for Oracle 8 backend.
  • Developed and modified reports with MS Access.
  • Built Classes, SQL scripts, tables.

2/00 – 5/00 System Programmer Analyst II - Health Resource Pub Co.   St. Petersburg FL

  • Redesigned, coded & provided detailed documentation with process flowcharts for Unicon Process Utility, using VB 6, Access 97 & Oracle 8
  • Made significant enhancements (>900%) & conversion from RDO to ADO
  • Maintained Order Control System.

6/96 – 3/00 President/Developer/Owner Naresh Industries, Inc.     Brandon FL

  • Full life cycle software development in VB 5.0/6.0 & Access 97 for manufacturing.
  • Custom developed software: xWeigh, xClock & AutoMatch Pro
  • Design Pic uP, RS485 network based "One Touch" control unit for barcode matchcode apps, Office 97

3/98 – 1/99 Consultant - Geac Publishing System     Tampa FL

  • Design and Develop applications using VB 5.0/6.0, T-SQL, SQL 6.5, Access 97, Office 97, for Newspaper Circulation.
  • Internet client/server Apps - Visual Interdev, VB Script, ADO, COM, ASP, ActiveX (VB 6, UserDocs), HTML, DHTML, FrontPage

2/94 – 10/97 Projects Engineer - Diamond Products     Seffner FL

Proposed and pioneered Process Improvements in 1994 which was adopted by the parent company Havatampa and its group of companies. This had a major impact on the whole business. Greatly improved efficiencies.
  • Conceptualize & Developed (Full life cycle VB 3.0 & 4.0) Integrated pharmaceutical Label Compliance system (Watchdog), using networked PCs, RS 485 & laser barcode scanners.
  • Proposed & automated filling lines 1 and 2 with Omron PLCs and AC inverters, developed Omron PLC ladder programs, designed electrical control ccts. Improved safety & efficiencies
  • Invented and built Liquid Filling machine using PLC controls & pneumatics, enabling rapid change-over, improved product safety, drew the attention of the President & Board of Directors
  • Proposed, designed & implemented a liquid product delivery system with ultrasonic transducers & AC Inverter for improved performance.
  • Proposed, designed & implemented modifications to several machines for improved performance.
  • Proposed, invented and built Piezoelectric Label Edge Detection sensor for difficult transparent labels
  • Proposed & automated production report with VB 3.0, Access 2.0 and Lotus 5.0, trending graphs
  • Extensive documentation, CAD, schematics
  • Recommended, purchased software and equipment
  • Proposed, created & conducted several Training Courses for management & technical staff.


1999Microsoft Certified Professional VB 6 (Exams 70-175 & 70-176)
1984 – 1985Business Studies Part I - University of the West Indies, Papine, Jamaica W.I.
1977 – 1981University of Technology - formerly College of Arts, Science & Technology, Papine, Jamaica W.I.
Telecommunications Technician Course – Full Tech (City & Guilds of London Institute)

Other Training:

  • Currently training on Amazon Web Services, IoT, Internet Security, Virtualization.
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Process - CAR (Omnicell training)
  • Microsoft Partner Program & online

  • Small Business Sales and Marketing Skills Assessment (SQL 2005)
  • SQL 2008 (9 components for 70-433 exam)
  • Office 2007
  • PowerPoint 2007
  • Windows 7 (Omnicell training)
  • InSource

  • Wonderware InTouch Foundation
  • IndustrialSQL
  • Fred Pryor Seminars

  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • How to Supervise People
  • Management problems of the Technical Person in a Leadership Role
  • Harris Corporation Controls & Composition, Melbourne, Fl

  • Harris 9000 Programming
  • Westronics RTU 6000
  • United StatesTelecommunications Training Institute, Washington D.C.

  • AT&T - Telecommunications Planning & Economic Decision Making
  • Western Union - Management & Supervisory Techniques
  • Motorola - 800 Mhz Trunked radio
  • Jamaica Public Service Company (power company)

  • Supervision, Personnel Relations, Time Management – Internal training seminars
  • Protective Relaying - Westinghouse
  • Teleprotective Relaying, Intra Company Phone, EPABX - RFL Industries, Inc.
  • Jamaica Telephone Service Company

  • Strowger 2000 Type Step-by-Step telephone exchange equipment
  • Affiliations

  • Microsoft Partner Program
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, NY, NY (1980s & 90s)